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Vaepors, Miss Geo, Palace, and Dee;Diggs!

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RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/549779258514132/

Miss Geo – Together Festival Feature in Boston Dig

Posted May 24, 2015 by Abby / Permalink

We were interviewed about technology and music for Boston Dig’s feature on Together Festival alongside Andre Obin and WoOdy. Article by Nina Corcoran. Check it out:

Miss Geo Boston Dig Feature: Together Festival Preview


Miss Geo opening for Robert Delong, Radio 92.9 Low Dough Series

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We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be opening for Robert Delong on Radio 92.9′s Low Dough series May 4th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston! If you haven’t yet, check out his music and get tickets now because they’re going fast: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radio-929-presents-a-low-dough-show-featuring-robert-delong-tickets-16161071199

The Deli Magazine review Miss Geo’s EP “Shapes”

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Big thanks to The Deli Magazine for the kind words on our EP Shapes:

“it’s definitely worth your time–trust me. Even if you don’t trust me, listen to it–it’ll be the best twenty minutes you spend all month…Shapes crams enough synths, pop hooks and dance-worthy drum beats to keep you dancing for the next month.” -Dan Mcmahon

Read the full review here:



Blog reviews for Single “Mouse on the Moon”

Posted Mar 26, 2015 by Paz and Abby / Permalink

Big thanks to these blogs for the writups. Check it out:


“The team of Abby and Paz — if you need a last name, just refer to “Geo” — have spent the past 15 months or so perfecting their yearning brand of electronic pop, and today launch from the initial rounds on the beach straight up to the sky in new single “Mouse On The Moon“. The track, which vibrates and purrs along in pixelated, glitchy pop fantasy, is the first taste of new music off their coming Shapes EP, due this spring.”

Deli Magazine:

“Mouse on The Moon” certainly lives-up to my expectations. The track gives off a very open sound, with the listener feeling as though they’re floating in space, watching synth notes pass by on their way to a trendy intergalactic dance party.”

Joy of Violent Movement:

“Their latest single “Mouse on the Moon” will most likely cement the duo’s reputation for crafting a chilly and downtempo electro pop that owes as much of a debt to modern production and recording techniques as it does to 80s synth pop — thanks to the fact that shimmering synth are paired with an overall moody, introspective nature.”

Indie Beat:

“Their 80s pop vibe evolves into an angstier, ambient synth-shoegaze sound with this track. I’m sure we can expect more of their fantastic experimental electronics on their Spring EP.”

Miss Geo 2015 EP Teaser is here!!

Posted Oct 13, 2014 by Abby / Permalink

Bonjour! Here’s a video preview of our upcoming EP!! The live footage was taken at MidPoint Music Festival. #frenglishforever #mpmf

Videography by Ryan Boyd:

upcoming shows


  • Mouse on the Moon

  • Indifférence

  • After School

  • Little French Girl

  • Live A Little

  • Waves

  • Hooked

  • Broken Wrists

  • The Story

  • Snake Soiree




  • “The two came together to create a perfect match of fuzz and synth that can be found on their self-titled album. Get to know Miss Geo..” -FILTER Magazine

  • “Weve now fallen in love with electro-pop duo Miss Geo, whose single Waves wouldnt be out of place on Side A of the Drive soundtrack. Thats some high praise.”
    — Vanyaland

  • “A nice mix.. combined with innovative Ra Ra Riot type 80s backgrounds, all with an underlying layer of subtle Blondie elements. A lot of their early music also reminds me of Beach House and Best Coast (Beach Coast, maybe?)”
    — Indie Beat Music

  • “Miss Geo is finally ready to put up some glorious new electro-dance grooves, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The newest single “Waves” is full of fun, catchy synth lines. I can’t wait to hear what Miss Geo has planned for the album. I’m sure it will be nothing short of wicked awesome.” -The Deli Magazine

  • “Somewhat dangerous beginning aside, these girls have talent. Their newest release, “Waves,” is a celestial dream reminiscent of late 80s pop-heavy synth and lingering melodies that complement each other like peanut butter and chocolate. Miss Geo is exploding onto the Boston music scene like the Big Bang—pushing the boundaries of the indie pop genre and reinventing the definition of pop throughout the indie-verse and beyond.” -The Boston Dig

  • “Miss Geo has managed to develop a sound that is uniquely theirs..Even with only two members, the music of the duo often feels rich, vibrant, and deep.”
    — Sound of Boston

  • “The pair’s hit single “Waves,” has been garnering attention nationwide. It’s a three minute blast of Chillwave goodness, featuring a bubbly synth bassline and Abby’s breathy vocal.” -MidPoint Music Festival


  • missgeoprofilepic

    Vocals, guitar

  • paz-square

    Backing vocals, synth

“Comprised of Abby (vocals and guitar) and Paz (backing vocals and synths), the duo of Miss Geo can trace their formation to a chance meeting at a Boston area Apple Store. As it turns out, Paz, who was born and raised in Paris had just moved to Boston and Abby, who is from Newport, RI was in town to play an acoustic set. The duo quickly bonded over mutually shared interests, including New Order, MGMT, Ladytron, Blondie and others, and began to jam together. Liking the results, both Abby and Paz started self-recording and self-producing their material in their homes.

Their first single “Waves” was praised by FILTER Magazine and MidPoint Music Festival for a sound that is comprised of layers of synths, bouncy beats and breathy vocals singing introspective vocals — that is naturally reminiscent of many of the duo’s influences. And as a result, they’ve started to build up a regional profile as they’ve toured the Northeast, opened for The Blow and Lovers and have played at the Together Festival and (the aforementioned) Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival. Their latest single “Mouse on the Moon” will most likely cement the duo’s reputation for crafting a chilly and downtempo electro pop that owes as much of a debt to modern production and recording techniques as it does to 80s synth pop — thanks to the fact that shimmering synth are paired with an overall moody, introspective nature.”
-Ruben William Ruben Helms (Joy of Violent Movement Blog)

Their new EP “Shapes” is slated for release on April 13, along with an EP Release Party at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge with Child Actor, Casey Desmond, and Colorgrave.

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