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Unraveled Thoughts (Big Time Kill Remix) featured on Vanyaland

Posted Jun 30, 2017 by Paz and Abby / Permalink

We are so pleased to drop our latest remix. Unraveled Thoughts (Big Time Kill Remix) has been featured on Vanyaland along with our official music video. Check them both out here:

Techno Entry Remix by DJ Die Young!!

Posted Jun 14, 2017 by Abby / Permalink

Here’s a beautiful rendition made by DJ Die Young. It’s a club remix of our song Techno Entry!

Check it out:

Miss Geo in Paste Magazine!

Posted Jul 7, 2016 by Abby / Permalink

Thanks, Paste Magazine! Read their review here:

“The variation between intense layering and atmospheric intricacies flow like a mixtape ready for any dance club or long twilight drive with the windows down.”

Miss Geo – Indiebeat Review

Posted Jul 7, 2016 by Abby / Permalink

“Abby, Paz & Alex are writing intelligent indie-pop that’s simply inviting. We’re dazzled by what Miss Geo is doing on Connections” Big love to Indie Beat for the review, and preview of our upcoming Full-length album!

Miss Geo in Vanyaland

Posted Jul 6, 2016 by Paz and Abby / Permalink

Vanyaland talks about our new single:
“Miss Geo expand their lineup and sound with new progressive synth track “Sea In Between”

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  • Sea In Between

  • UnraveledThoughts BigtimeKill Remix

  • Mouse on the Moon

  • Indifférence

  • After School

  • Little French Girl

  • Live A Little

  • Waves

  • Hooked

  • Broken Wrists

  • The Story

  • Snake Soiree




  • “The two came together to create a perfect match of fuzz and synth that can be found on their self-titled album. Get to know Miss Geo..” -FILTER Magazine

  • “Weve now fallen in love with electro-pop duo Miss Geo, whose single Waves wouldnt be out of place on Side A of the Drive soundtrack. Thats some high praise.”
    — Vanyaland

  • “A nice mix.. combined with innovative Ra Ra Riot type 80s backgrounds, all with an underlying layer of subtle Blondie elements. A lot of their early music also reminds me of Beach House and Best Coast (Beach Coast, maybe?)”
    — Indie Beat Music

  • “Miss Geo is finally ready to put up some glorious new electro-dance grooves, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The newest single “Waves” is full of fun, catchy synth lines. I can’t wait to hear what Miss Geo has planned for the album. I’m sure it will be nothing short of wicked awesome.” -The Deli Magazine

  • “Somewhat dangerous beginning aside, these girls have talent. Their newest release, “Waves,” is a celestial dream reminiscent of late 80s pop-heavy synth and lingering melodies that complement each other like peanut butter and chocolate. Miss Geo is exploding onto the Boston music scene like the Big Bang—pushing the boundaries of the indie pop genre and reinventing the definition of pop throughout the indie-verse and beyond.” -The Boston Dig

  • “Miss Geo has managed to develop a sound that is uniquely theirs..Even with only two members, the music of the duo often feels rich, vibrant, and deep.”
    — Sound of Boston

  • “The pair’s hit single “Waves,” has been garnering attention nationwide. It’s a three minute blast of Chillwave goodness, featuring a bubbly synth bassline and Abby’s breathy vocal.” -MidPoint Music Festival


  • missgeoprofilepic

    Vocals, guitar

  • paz-square

    Backing vocals, synth

Miss Geo

Driven by the need to bridge the gap between artist and listener, Miss Geo’s debut studio album “Connection” is an exploratory journey into the emotions that bind people together. Primarily mixed by Rob Arbelo (Brain Tan), with a contributing track mixed by Matthew Beaudoin (St. Vincent, Ryan Adams), “Connection” brings Miss Geo’s distinct instrumental and lyrical aesthetic to the forefront, and introduces them to the public.
Each song represents a different emotion, and morphs stylistically from the dirty electro underground beats and fuzzy dance bass lines of ‘Miles from Home’ and ‘Techno Entry’, to the sheen melodic synth layers of ‘Sea Between’, and stretches higher to the dream pop bohemian rhythms heard in ‘Daydreaming’.
The songs are further articulated by the lyrics and melodies that help personify each emotion. ‘Sea In Between’ explores hope and youthful exuberance: “We’re love and lust and bones, all the places we could go.” ‘Answers’ reflects on betrayal. It’s the confession you’ve always wanted from a swindler, who broke your heart: “I know it hurts when you’re playing for keeps, but just let go cause knives cut too deep.” While their dance anthem ‘Techno Entry’ is an encounter with a moment of indecision; “You turn to face it; good luck, just make a move…the past and future they both talk.”
The Boston-based band first gained exposure in 2014 when Filter Magazine picked up their first single “Waves” and described their songs as a “perfect mix of fuzz and synth”. Consisting of an international pair, Pascaline Mary (hailing from Paris, France) manages the synths and backing vocals, and Abby Heredia (Filipino-American) takes the helm on the lead vocals and guitar. They were brought together by chance at the Apple store while attending a recording demonstration, and found themselves bonding over similar musical influences and their mutual love of the DIY music making process. They write, record, and produce all their songs.
Since their formation, they have released two EP’s (Self Titled, and Shapes) which have gained a stream of recognition within the blogsphere. They’ve also been invited as supporting acts for The Blow, Lovers, and Robert Delong among others.
In 2016, they added a third live member to the mix, Polish multimedia artist Alex Miklowski on bass. In regards to what they hope to accomplish with this release and their live shows, Mary says; “We embraced our joy and darkness in this album. After spending time exploring different creative processes, we feel it’s a new fusion point for us as a band.” Heredia adds, “Each song represents an emotion and interpretation of our experiences. Our lives are so intertwined and we hope people can feel something from it.”
Their full-length album “Connection” is scheduled for release September 16th and will be accompanied by a national tour.

Contact: missgeomusic@gmail.com